Blade scaffolding with Laravel Breeze

When Laravel 8 launched, the previous package used for scaffolding new applications, Laravel UI, was replaced with Jetstream. Jetstream comes in two flavors: InertiaJS and Livewire, both styled with Tailwind, and both great solutions for building dynamic UIs.

However, this change angered a good part of the community that was already happy working directly with Blade and felt that Jetstream was raising the entry barrier for newcomers way too much.

To calm things down and to improve the onboarding of new developers who are just starting to use Laravel and are not really familiar with Inertia and Livewire, Taylor and the team released Laravel Breeze – a brand new package that offers traditional-like scaffolding with just Blade and TailwindCSS.

Setting up Laravel with Breeze is just as easy as running the following commands in your terminal:

laravel new my-app

cd my-app

composer require laravel/breeze --dev

php artisan breeze:install

Compared to Jetstream, Laravel Breeze is relatively minimal. It doesn’t come with a user profile page, two-factor authentication, teams, or anything else. It only offers an authentication scaffold – just like Laravel UI.

All in all, I think it’s a good addition, and it should make life easier for those who are just starting with Laravel and web development in general.

But if you are an experienced Laravel developer who’s also decently skilled in VueJs, I strongly encourage you to try Inertia. I’ve already used it in a couple of projects, and apart from a few hiccups, everything went great. Also, Inertia comes with other flavors like React or Svelte, if Vue is not your cup of tea.

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