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Money is not a prerequisite to start an online business

Sometimes I have these thoughts of how it would be to start my own thing. To work on my own service or product. To chart my own path and call my own shots.

It usually happens when I’m on a long drive. All sorts of ideas cross my mind: fitness instructor platform, event services, cleaning services, homeschooling, and others.

Once I stumble upon a decent one, I start thinking about what would it take to make it real. What tools to use, how it would work, how it will make money, what people would be interested in it.

The problem is never money.

Assuming you have the required skills to build the damn thing, there aren’t any huge costs you need to support. You only need a domain and hosting. That’s it.

Let’s say you have that 100k budget to start with.

What would you do with it? What would you buy? Who would you hire? Will spending that budget turn your business into a profitable one?

Sure, it’s nice to have money, but they are rarely a prerequisite to start an online business.