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Laravel breeze dashboard

Blade scaffolding with Laravel Breeze

When Laravel 8 launched, the previous package used for scaffolding new applications, Laravel UI, was replaced with Jetstream. Jetstream comes in two flavors: InertiaJS and Livewire, both styled with Tailwind, and both great solutions for building dynamic UIs. However, this change angered a good part of the community that was already happy working directly with […]

InertiaJS infinite scrolling example

I just published a new video on how to do infinite scrolling in an InertiaJS and Laravel application – using a twitter-like feed as an example. The gist of it is: Setup a listener for the scroll event Inside the listener calculate the remaining pixels until the bottom of the page so you can make […]

Building a VueJs component with xState and state machines

We are currently used to managing state by using properties; usually, booleans, to toggle parts of the UI. The problem with this is, the more complex your UI grows, the more booleans and conditionals you’ll have, turning everything into a big pile of meaningless conditionals that are hard to reason about. Once enough time passes, […]

Unfinished features is the reason why you are not shipping. Duuh!

Dumbing down

I’ve reached a point in my Laravel for Frontend developers screencast series where I need to authenticate a user in order to write the other endpoints of the API I’m building as an example application. The latest and best authentication solution for SPAs with Laravel as a backend is Sanctum, so I started recording a lesson […]

Inline forms validation with InertiaJs and Laravel

Inline form validation with InertiaJS, Vue, and Laravel

In this post, we’ll go over how we can handle inline form validation with InertiaJS, Vue, and Laravel. As an example, we’ll take a basic todo list where we can edit each item using an inline form. All we have above is a v-for that loops through a todos array and displays the form whenever […]

Active routes in Inertia with Laravel and VueJS

One of the problems I ran into in my Inertia & Laravel applications and saw other people do the same, was how to accurately determine the active route so you can style it accordingly. In the PingCRM demo, we have a sidebar containing a menu whose items are highlighted every time you visit a specific […]

Managing SVG icons in VueJs apps

Managing SVG Icons in VueJs applications

Using the right icons can make our applications not only better looking but also more intuitive. Inline SVG icons are safe, sharp, and easy to customize, but they tend to ruin our markup and make it less pleasant to navigate. Another problem is that they are hard to re-use. Because, one, you cannot really know […]

5 rules for picking long-lasting method names in OOP

When you write a piece of code for the first time, names don’t matter that much. You obviously know what everything is and what it does. However, while it’s cheap and easy to understand now, code written using poor names will grow to be incomprehensible as time passes and your application gets bigger. The price […]

InertiaJS – How to refresh state when browsing back

I’ve been using InertiaJS on all my new projects, and it’s been a great choice so far. But as it happens with everything in the world, there have been a few hiccups. One of those hiccups has to do with refreshing state when navigating back. Inertia is designed to mimic the default browser behavior, which […]

How to approach refactoring legacy applications without hindering your ability to release new features

If you read my article on why rewriting applications from scratch is almost always a bad idea and agreed with it, this article acts as a short guideline on how should one approach refactoring legacy applications without hindering their ability to release new features. Find the biggest pain point. Look at the codebase and ask […]