More than ordinary

It’s immensely pleasing when the barber doesn’t need to ask how you want your hair done, or when the barista hands your favorite drink the second you sit at the bar, or even when things go wrong and apologies are made.

More than ordinary. We love that.

And we give back. It’s no longer just ‘a barber’, it’s ‘my barber‘. Not a random bar, ‘my favorite bar.

We return the favor. Always.

Remember what makes winter so great

It is only natural, as the years run by, for our priorities to change.

We are no longer ditching, or hurrying homework to sneak outside and play. We are no longer concerned our sleigh is not fast enough. Or to have the biggest, fattest snowman in the whole neighborhood.

But this winter we rolled the years back.

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Sincere apologies work

A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I made plans to get away and spend the new year’s eve together. We searched for a location, booked a small country house, and made a list with everything we need to buy.

Almost everybody in the group drinks wine. White or Rose. Dry. Some of us prefer a specific brand, and with Black Friday being around, we found a great deal and ordered a few bottles.

A week passed and no courier called to deliver the goods, but then again, it was Black Friday season, so long delivery waits were to be expected.

The second week or so, I received an email saying it could take up to 4 additional weeks to deliver the order. They also stressed they’re really sorry for the inconvenience, assured me these delays only happen during Black Friday period, and that they will completely understand if I were to cancel the order.

Their honesty impressed me. Most stores would keep quiet and look away. I thanked them and said it’s OK as long as the order gets delivered until the 21st of December, leaving me enough time to shop around for alternatives.

I used to read about how saying sorry and saying it right can do you more good than any marketing trick, but I never got to experience it on my own skin. It fucking works. I like them better now.

How do you get good at anything?

You practice, a lot. You do it again, and again.

It will never be perfect, but it will be better than the last time.

First drafts always suck
First drafts always suck

Admitting to being wrong

I never had a gaming pc. A computer on which I wouldn’t have to spend hours searching for the best hacks and tweaks to make my favorite games playable. I rarely played anything above medium level details. Most of the time all settings were set to the lowest available option, sometimes even lower than that.

A few months ago I decided to finally get a gaming pc. I remember being super excited while waiting for my phone to ring to go and pick it up from the courier. Long hours of gaming was awaiting me.

Except that’s not what happened. I never got to enjoy it as I imagined it. Not because of not having enough time, but because my days of gaming were pretty much over. The thought of gaming excited me, not the gaming itself.

“You do know you already have a laptop, right?”

“Are you still playing games? When will you even have the time?”

Whenever I felt someone judging my purchase I would go defensive about it. I would bring up all sorts of reasons for why the decision was a great one: “I always wanted one”, or “It wasn’t that expensive”, or “I can use it for work too”. Whatever excuse I could find.

And there were the others. The ones praising my new gaming PC. “It was about time to get one”, or “I’m thinking to buy one myself”.

With them, my attitude was completely different. The more they were praising and saying they should get one too, the more I would entice them otherwise. “Yeah, it’s nice, but if I could go back in time, I don’t think I would buy it again.”

It’s so much easier to admit you’re wrong when nobody wants you to. And vice-versa, few people like to listen to truths that reflect on their judgment. At best, we might admit it to ourselves, but never to others.

I knew buying a gaming PC was a mistake. I knew it the second I hit the submit button. But I was already telling people I was going to get one so, I couldn’t be wrong, could I?

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