Do you train for the unexpected?

We all have our “I can do one more” moments in the gym. When we’re super confident we have one rep more in us but we fail miserably.

It doesn’t happen every day or every week (if it does, you really need to slow the f**k down), but when it happens, it can lead to serious injuries.

Most of us know a few things about staying safe. Like, if you don’t have a spotter while you’re bench pressing, you leave the clips off so you can dump the weights to the side in case something goes wrong. Or to make sure you adjust the safety bars when you’re squatting so you can drop the weight if you fail to do that last rep.

If you’re into fitness, like me, you most likely spend a good amount of time looking for new ways to maximize your results. How to overhead press more, what workout splits are better, how many reps, how many sets, how low to squat, how high to press?

We search and try all sorts of training methods, exercises and workout splits.

But… when is the last time you trained for the unexpected?

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