Gift ideas #1

We have a very unique tradition here at Falcon. Every year on December 1st we write our names on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. A draw takes place and each of us extracts a person to whom we must purchase a gift.

It’s called Secret Santa, and it’s not all that unique.

Picking the perfect gift while staying under the budget can be quite difficult. But don’t worry, you found the right blog post. Throw away the ordinary mug and let’s pick something good this year:

  • cd/cassette/vinyl with his or her favorite band/artist. Make sure they have a way of playing it.
  • book – only if the gift receiver expressed desire in reading it.
  • mini light bulb – you can put it on your nightstand, runs on batteries and lights the room more than you’d think. It also makes a superb clicking sound.
  • puzzle – easy or medium level. A 3D puzzle is even better
  • alarm clock – we all secretly want one, but don’t find the courage to buy it
  • team shirt – shirt with his or her favorite team/player
  • custom printed t-shirt –  I’ll never say no to a Zlatan or Jose shirt with whatever quote has on it

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