Jose, it’s over.

A Jose Mourinho team cares about the result and the result only. Not a single team, including R.Madrid, has ever played truly attacking football under Jose. Defend well, and maybe snatch a goal on the counter. Or on the next set piece. There’s no room for flashy tricks and flicks in a Jose Mourinho team.

Countless trophies, two UCLs, four league titles in four different countries are proof that a defensive game can bring you results. It worked at Porto, it worked at Chelsea, at Inter, and at Chelsea again.

It didn’t work at Manchester United because Jose failed to build the relationships he used to have with Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Zlatan, Materazzi.

Lots of today’s players claim they would run through a wall for their managers. Will they?

A defensive team puts in a lot of effort. Players put the team’s interests above their own. Strikers play as defenders, defenders play as strikers.

Most players today lack that humility. It isn’t enough to be part of the team, they want to be the team. Money and fame in football are on a whole different level. One good flick, 100k likes. Who cares about winning when you can just dab once in a while?

Jose, the age of warriors is over. They don’t make them like they used to.

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