Laravel for Frontend developers

I hang around a lot of indie hacker communities and I noticed a lot of frontend developers struggle finding solutions for their backend problems.

Even though companies like Firebase are trying to make “backend as a service” happen, the reality is that most applications need a custom backend.

Laravel for Frontend developers is a blog and video series I’m recording hoping to help frontend developers built their own backend API.

The goal of this series is not to turn you into a Laravel developer in seven days – you’ll need a hell lot more videos and practice for that. The goal is to help you build a decent backend for your frontend application. Just enough to get you going – you can always improve later.


  1. Intro – video / blogpost
  2. Getting up and running – video / blogpost
  3. Migrations and models – video / blogpost
  4. Storing, updating, and deleting records – video / blogpost
  5. Request validation – video / blogpost