Laravel must-reads

Giving collections a voice – Tim explains how to create custom collections for your eloquent models. Instead of to deal with base eloquent collections, you can have your own personalized collection and add useful methods to it.

Going deeper with factories through factory states – Paul shows how to use factory states to save you from writing a lot of boilerplate while writing tests. You can create different “worlds/states” of a given model. Instead of creating a user and then his posts, you can create a factory state to return a user with posts.

Better enums in php

A must-watch on laravel db performance by Jonathan Reinink

Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns

Testing validation in Laravel by asserting a Form Request – Instead of writing one http test for every validation rule you should just make sure the request uses the correct form request and that the request has the correct rules.

Tidying Up Your PHPUnit Tests with Class-Based Model Factories