Recently, one of my friends decided to start a car cleaning service. Not your regular car wash, but the one where your car’s seats are taken out and expensive water vacuum cleaners are used.

He bought all the equipment, rented a working space, and even got a few clients to start with. All great, until he began wondering about the name and logo he was going to use. If you start a new business, you need some kind of symbol people can associate your service with, right?

Right, but you don’t need to get too stressed out about it.

History is full of examples. The swoosh logo cost Nike 35 bucks, Coca-Cola was “designed” by their bookkeeper, Disney’s logo is actually the signature of its founder, Walt Disney. None of them had any deeper meaning.

When you’re first starting out, your logo has no value. It doesn’t help customers understand what you do, who you are, and what you value. It doesn’t make you “stand out”. No matter what you pick, it has no meaning at first.

The customers who use your services and buy your products are the ones deciding what your logo means and what it stands for. Not your carefully chosen font, abstract shape, or cool colors, but your customers.

Instead of investing time, money, and energy into your logo, put those into creating a service or product that people get to love and remember.

Be like Steve. Pick an Apple, grab a bite, and just roll with it.