Sorting algorithms

Whenever I read about interviewing at a large company the author talks about how you need to know your algorithms on the spot and to the letter. It’s the same old story everywhere: “I got some basic questions about this, this, and that, and then we moved on to algorithms”.

I always felt bad for not knowing algorithms but let it slide thinking one day I’ll need to learn them in order to do my job. Funny enough, after many years of programming, I’m yet to stumble upon a situation in which I need to do a Bucket sort, or a tree sort, or whatever other sort exists. You might argue that I don’t do them because I don’t know them, but I can easily counter that with “most of the time I just need to pull records out from the database and order them by x column”.

Anyway, today I thought I should give algorithms a try. Not because I feel bad for not knowing them, but because I’m sure there is plenty to learn from figuring out how they work.

I hope it will be fun 🙂

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