Tallpad #2

In the last two weeks I’ve published four screencasts:

📺 Search records media records by name
We’ve seen how we can filter records by month and type, in this video we add a third query scope used for searching records by their name.

📺 Avoid this PHP Carbon mistake
This is a mistake I made on the date filter and I was incredibly lucky to discover it – as it only happens if open the app on the 31st of the month, or at the end of February & March 😮

📺 Building a custom pagination component
Not just your regular pagination component, a component that allows you to navigate to a specific page you enter in an input field!

📺 Executing bulk actions
Tick a few records, select the action, hit Apply, and bam! All the selected records are deleted.

In other news

I’ve silently launched a mini-side project called undefined talks. Currently, it’s just a directory where you can discover new technical talks and “recommend” your favorite ones. Plus, you get a “profile kind of page” where other people can see what you personally recommend they watch.

I don’t know exactly where this project is going, but what I do know is that:

  • I want to discover new technical talks
  • I want to see what other people are recommending
  • I want to be able to set a reminder like “remind me to watch this talk in 3 months, or every 6 months” – a lot of times I watch a technical talk and fail to understand parts of it – so rewatching it later after I learn/experience more things helps.

This is the link to the website: https://undefinedtalks.com, and this is my profile page – just a few recommendations for now – I’ll add more later 🔥🔥🔥

Any feedback and/or suggestion is welcomed, but keep in mind I only put like ~2 days of work into it 😅


pascal RAYMOND says:

Hi Constantin,
I had a look at undefinedtalks.com,
it’s a good idea, and you can link most of the Laracon speechs 🙂 !
Some videos doesn’t belong to any category, could you implement a search input or a tagging system please ?
Best regards

cdruc says:

Hey Pascal,

I’m planning to use it as an example for an inertiajs “mini” crash-course, so it will definitely get better! Search, tagging, and filtering will be implemented for sure!

Thanks for showing interest in the project!😊

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