Tallpad #3

In the last two weeks I’ve published two screencasts:

­čô║┬áLaravel mass assignment and fillable vs guarded
In this video I go over mass-assignment in Laravel, explain why it isn’t as bad as┬ásome┬ápeople make it out to be and why I just set $guarded to an empty array and rely on being explicit when updating/creating eloquent models.

­čô║Building a slide-over dialog component with HeadlessUI and VueJS
In case you didn’t know, a while back┬áthe TailwindCSS team released this unstyled, fully accessible UI component library called HeadlessUI – it’s┬áreally, really┬ágood. In this video I go over how you can combine the HeadlessUI dialog and transition components to build a Slide-over component.

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