The most common reason people fail to lose weight

… is focusing on and worrying about the wrong things at the wrong time.

When to drink water? Before or after finishing a meal? Or maybe in between.

Should I eat greens today, reds tomorrow, and whites the next day after? Should I combine greens with reds? Won’t mixing vegetables with fruits make me fatter?

Isn’t it better if I eat the rice first and leave the chicken last?

What about smoothies? Those look healthy. Should I mix them with milk? 1.5%, 2%? Regular or almond?

Weight loss pyramid triangle

Stop skipping steps.

When you’re a beginner you should not worry about which “diet” to follow. You should not worry about the order in which you’re eating your foods or when you drink your water.

Don’t make huge changes to your eating habits. If you’re used to eating 3000 calories and you suddenly drop to 1600 calories, you’re gonna have a bad time. Weight will drop fast, too fast, and it will not only be unhealthy but also a lot harder to sustain in the long term. You will fail and bounce back to your old eating habits.

Instead, start tracking what you’re currently eating without making any changes. Once you find out how many calories you consume and what foods make up those calories, it will be a lot easier for you to know what to eat less of.

In a nutshell…

  1. Track current eating habits to single out high calorie foods
  2. Adjust calories. Drop up to 500 calories from your daily budget. If your weight stagnates, drop 150 more. Wait a week, and drop another 150 calories if necessary.
  3. Don’t spend all your time on the treadmill. Exercise. Lift weights.

Everybody likes to cut corners, to find that magic trick that will get them ahead. I’m sorry to break it to you, but there are no magic tricks to perform when it comes to weight loss. It’s just math and willpower.

1kg of fat = ~7000 calories.
1week of -500 calories/day = 3500 calories = 0.5kg down.
1 month = 2kg down.
3 months = 6kg down.

Burn more than you consume. You can either exercise more or eat less. The latter is way more effective.

Start worrying about magic tricks when you’re at 10% body fat or bellow.

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