Video quality and editing over great content

Great content is usually something entirely new or offers a different perspective on things we already know, but… consider fitness videos.

Exercises don’t change over the years. Yes, the social media fitness industry keeps throwing at us different variations of the same exercise to keep us entertained, but the basics stay the same.

Hands outside shoulder width. Chest up, keep shoulders retracted, make a slight arch with your back, keep your butt on the bench and the legs firmly placed on the ground. Push from your nipples towards your upper chest in a slightly arched path

This is the content for explaining the bench press form. You can’t add a different perspective or something new to it.

What you can do is make the video awesome. High quality and great editing, showing the exact muscles that interact, in the exact order, highlighting the bar path.

Jeremy Ethier has been criticized for not bringing anything new to the table and for being boring. And that’s true. There are a lot of youtubers putting out science-based fitness videos, but few of them have the video quality and editing Jeremy brings to the table.

If you’re an experienced body builder, his videos will bore you to death because you already know most, if not everything he shows, but for beginners those videos are gold – go watch them.

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