When things go wrong, draw something funny

A couple of months ago we went to Amsterdam for a city break. Lively city, too many reckless bikers.

We wake up one morning to find out our hotel’s elevators stopped working. That’s not something you want to see when you’re on vacation trying to relax, especially when your room is at the sixth floor.

It could’ve been worse. 12th floor worse.

Anyway, we went to the elevator and saw some version of the poster bellow:

It was so funny at the time it healed our annoyance completely. The elevator was down until our last day, but every time we saw that poster we went down the stairs smiling.

When things go wrong, draw something funny. But only as long as it’s not a serious problem with no other alternatives. In our case, we still had the stairs.

You need to make sure your problem has a solution even if it’s as annoying as climbing ten stores of stairs. If you don’t have any alternative solutions, there’s no way you can make it funny and get away with it.

I’m not sure it worked for those at the 12th floor.