Why I am not integrating tallpad with Vimeo

Currently, every time I publish a screencast on tallpad, I have to:

  • export the video
  • upload it to vimeo
  • fill in all vimeo’s fields (name, privacy settings, etc)
  • grab the vimeo embed code
  • go to tallpad’s nova admin panel and create a new episode – here, I have to fill in the title, description, embed code, video duration, and other fields.
  • hit publish

The reason I’m going with this somewhat tedious flow is that, well, I don’t post screencasts that often. So I don’t mind taking 5-10 minutes and doing it manually.

Even if somehow I increase my posting frequency to 1 screencast a day, it still wouldn’t bother me to do that part manually. I’d rather focus my efforts on making even more videos or improving the user experience on the platform.

As a programmer, I love building stuff. I love spending time fiddling with new layout types, adding icons, thinking about nested comments, bookmarked episodes, organizing episodes under series and topics, and other nice-to-haves.

But that’s what those are right now; nice-to-haves. More content is needed.


  1. Have you thought creating a premium course on inertia and laravel ? Creating a web app from scratch maybe ? I’ll be the first paying customer.

    1. Hey Marian,

      I’m grateful for the trust you have in me. It means a lot!

      There’s nothing I would love more, but I’m just not confident enough I can deliver a great course right now. And if I ever do this, I want it to be my best *possible* work.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon Tallpad and wandered over here to find out what this is all about..but there’s no About section. Would love to learn more about the motivations behind all the terrific & helpful content you’re putting out! Thanks for creating!

    1. Hey Lydia,

      Thanks for the interest – I am happy you find my videos helpful 😀

      I promise in 2022 I will finally write a proper “About me” page 😅

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