2023 goals

Ambitious; this is how I'd describe my 2023 goals.

This is the first time I'm sharing this kind of stuff publicly. I plan to make it a yearly tradition; if it goes well, of course 😂.

Losing 16 kg (~35 lbs)

I've been a gym-goer for years (no idea how many, prolly 7). I had my ups and downs, but the pandemic really messed up my schedule. I missed training sessions, but more importantly, my eating habits got completely wrecked - so I gained quite a lot of weight.

Weirdly enough, my physical appearance doesn't bother me that much. What bothers me is... when playing football, every time I want to change direction or speed up, I feel like a damn cargo ship. It's embarrassing.

Weight needs to be lost. To do so I plan to:

  • secretly throw away all remaining sweets from the holidays
  • buy 6 casseroles
  • compile a list of low-calorie foods and meals
  • meal prep every 3 days

Fix / improve my shoulder pain

My right shoulder is officially in snap-city. Prolly never gonna be the same, but I'll do my best to improve.

  • google and I diagnosed it to be either a nasty impingement or minor/medium tear, but a real doctor should know better, so I scheduled an appointment.
  • incorporate rotator cuff rehab exercises into my training sessions
  • follow doctor's recommendations

6K YT subs

I currently sit at around 3.3k subs and aim to increase this number significantly. To do so, I plan to:

  • consistently post at least one video per week, rather than going through ups and downs in my posting schedule
  • keep two videos in the queue to prevent dry spells
  • lower my standards. Funny because some of my videos are so shit like lol what "standards" are you talking about? What I'm trying to say is if the time comes and I have no idea what to cover, I'll do a video on a popular subject just to keep my reps in.

Make first $100.00 online

While I have already made some money through YouTube ads, I want to earn $100 by selling something on my own. To achieve this, I plan to:

  • build and sell variantui - a components library. Think TailwindUI but with fully reusable components, not just HTML chunks. I like this idea because it helps me with my YT goal. The plan is to make the knowledge of "creating" the library completely free on YT, but sell the finished component's source code. This way, I don't get to feel like crap for gatekeeping the entire thing. BiG bRaIn.

Get better at React

The blog you are currently reading is made with React; and I also have another small app built with it. But there's still lots to learn. To improve my react skills, I plan to:

  • build an app with heavy state management (this is what's missing from my current react apps)
  • write or record videos on 15 React-related topics.

That's it. Are these goals too ambitious, unambitious, or just about right? Where will I most likely fail?