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I'm a web developer sharing everything I know about building web applications.

Train yourself to be faster

So, why would you even want to become a fast developer?

Well, a couple of reasons:

You get shit done faster.

Big shocker, right?😅 But it's true. You get things done faster, and then you can either do even more work or, I don't know, live your life. Go for a walk, sleep, eat, drink, whatever. You have more time.

The quality of your work will increase.

Some slow-ass people love to argue, "Oh, you'll just crank out the same shitty code, you'll just do it faster. It's all about the brain anyway, maaan! It's the braain; speed doesn't matter!"

That's just not true. The faster you can turn your thoughts into code, the more things you can try and experiment with. Nobody writes a perfect program on the first try. You write it, it works but kind of sucks. You refactor, it's better but still not great. You keep tweaking until you're decently satisfied. Speed makes this process less of a drag and more of a routine. Being fast means you no longer dread refactoring; you embrace it. You see something off, you fix it. Bam-bam-bam, and your code keeps getting better.

Other developers will love pairing with you.

Imagine this: you're in a call, and you say, "Hey, let's open the xyz file," and the other person is there, slowly scrolling... and clicking through directories... one by one... looking for the file.

Shit like this will make people never want to pair with you ever again. Like, for fuck's sake, stop moving like a sloth! Open the search panel, type the filename, hit enter. It's that fucking easy! Jesus!

You become a better teacher.

You have a better flow; you can speed through the crap that's not important, slow down on the important bits, and inspire whoever you are teaching to become faster themselves. It's a win-win.

There's no downside to training yourself to become a faster developer. It boosts your productivity, improves your code, fosters better collaboration, and makes you a better teacher. Train yourself to be faster.