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Laravel breeze dashboard

Blade scaffolding with Laravel Breeze

When Laravel 8 launched, the previous package used for scaffolding new applications, Laravel UI, was replaced with Jetstream. Jetstream comes in two flavors: InertiaJS and Livewire, both styled with Tailwind, and both great solutions for building dynamic UIs. However, this change angered a good part of the community that was already happy working directly with […]

Unfinished features is the reason why you are not shipping. Duuh!

Dumbing down

I’ve reached a point in my Laravel for Frontend developers screencast series where I need to authenticate a user in order to write the other endpoints of the API I’m building as an example application. The latest and best authentication solution for SPAs with Laravel as a backend is Sanctum, so I started recording a lesson […]

Laravel for Frontend developers

05. Laravel for Frontend developers – request validation

Read the previous lesson or watch a screencast version of this post. If we take a look over the store method where we create a new food item, we see that we are quite optimistic by expecting the request to contain the correct parameters. Let’s see what happens when one of them is missing. Our application blows up. Our […]

Laravel for Frontend developers

04. Laravel for Frontend developers – storing, updating, and deleting records

Read the previous lesson or watch a screencast version of this post. In this post, we’ll see how we can create the API endpoints to store, update, and delete food records from the database. There’s a simple 3 step process you always have to follow when implementing a new endpoint: Add a new route – […]

Laravel for Frontend developers

03. Laravel for Frontend developers – migrations and models

Read the previous post or watch a screencast version instead of reading it. In the last post, we had a look over how routing works in a Laravel application and even added an endpoint returning some hardcoded JSON. In this post, we’ll see how we can connect to MySQL, start creating our database schema, and […]

Laravel for Frontend developers

02. Laravel for Frontend developers – Getting up and running

Read the previous post. There’s also a screencast version of this. Before we get started, make sure you have the following installed on your machine: php@7.4 mysql or mariadb composer The first thing we’re going to do is create our laravel app using composer, which is the de-facto package manager for php – think of […]

Laravel for Frontend developers

01. Laravel for Frontend developers – Intro

If you’re not into reading, watch the whole video series on youtube. Even though companies like Firebase are trying to make “backend as a service” happen, the reality is that most applications need a custom backend – to store records in a database, send e-mails, upload files, talk to other APIs, etc. The goal of […]

Inline forms validation with InertiaJs and Laravel

Inline form validation with InertiaJS, Vue, and Laravel

In this post, we’ll go over how we can handle inline form validation with InertiaJS, Vue, and Laravel. As an example, we’ll take a basic todo list where we can edit each item using an inline form. All we have above is a v-for that loops through a todos array and displays the form whenever […]

Active routes in Inertia with Laravel and VueJS

One of the problems I ran into in my Inertia & Laravel applications and saw other people do the same, was how to accurately determine the active route so you can style it accordingly. In the PingCRM demo, we have a sidebar containing a menu whose items are highlighted every time you visit a specific […]


Actions in Laravel beyond CRUD

In the past couple of months, I’ve been enjoying reading Brent’s writing on PHP & Laravel. The test and types article is one of my favorites, as it highlights the importance of types and creating objects that reflect precise concepts, rather than just using primitives for everything. Recently he’s been writing a mini-series titled “Laravel […]