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Building a VueJs component with xState and state machines

We are currently used to managing state by using properties; usually, booleans, to toggle parts of the UI. The problem with this is, the more complex your UI grows, the more booleans and conditionals you’ll have, turning everything into a big pile of meaningless conditionals that are hard to reason about. Once enough time passes, […]

Inline forms validation with InertiaJs and Laravel

Inline form validation with InertiaJS, Vue, and Laravel

In this post, we’ll go over how we can handle inline form validation with InertiaJS, Vue, and Laravel. As an example, we’ll take a basic todo list where we can edit each item using an inline form. All we have above is a v-for that loops through a todos array and displays the form whenever […]

Managing SVG icons in VueJs apps

Managing SVG Icons in VueJs applications

Using the right icons can make our applications not only better looking but also more intuitive. Inline SVG icons are safe, sharp, and easy to customize, but they tend to ruin our markup and make it less pleasant to navigate. Another problem is that they are hard to re-use. Because, one, you cannot really know […]